Jasper Justice and his new pal Dallas Cowboy Tyron Smith

Jasper Justice arrived to our group as an emaciated pit bull who was completely down on his luck. He hung his head low, defeated, as if he’d given up on life. Within six short weeks, though, and a lot of help from volunteers and veterinary staff, Jasper has no complaints now…except that he’d like a home of his own. A forever pad. A place that will show him love like he’s never known.

Luckily for Jasper, he’s got great people in his corner, like Tyron Smith #77 from the Dallas Cowboys. Tyron was so moved by Jasper’s journey that he’s taken an active role in Jasper’s adoption process and wanted to help promote the poor guy’s plight further. Tyron recently had Jasper at a signing party at Henderson Tap House in Dallas and met with the big guy the next week as well.


Jasper is a younger pit bull, around a year and a half. He’s got great leash manners and LOVES water. It’s obvious to all of the volunteers who care for him that Jasper only wants to please. His adopter will need to be someone who understands that Jasper is slow to trust other dogs, cats, and young children. After all, he was out on the streets, fending for himself and was shown no compassion for a long while. But he’s already come such a long way in such a short amount of time. We have seen dogs like Jasper time and time again flourish in homes and become cherished family members. Perhaps, Jasper will discover this joy with you.

Jasper before and after

Jasper now with our favorite legal animal advocate, ADA David Alex. Jasper when we met him, alone and dejected with his head hung low.

We are asking for your help. Jasper is in boarding and needs a hero to step up for his future welfare. We have provided his medical care, his nurturing, and everything he needed to reach this point. However, without an adopter, Jasper’s long road to finding happiness isn’t over. We know he will be someone’s very special dog.

Applications for Jasper’s adoption can be made here.

Many thanks to Tyron Smith and Costa Sports Marketing for promoting Jasper’s welfare. If you are on Facebook, be sure to check them out and let them know you appreciate all they do for our adoptable dogs. And while you’re at it, be sure to let the Dallas Cowboys know you enjoy seeing the good work their players are doing within our community.

Stay tuned. Tyron has other great dogs he wants you to meet as well!

Urgent request for your help: Dallas Animal Services faces extreme budget cuts


If you follow DFW Rescue Me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed we have a close partnership with Dallas Animal Services, which is the city’s shelter. There is no end to the difficult work our community’s DAS employees perform in order to serve animals in need. Where would we be without them? These are the folks who are hard at work in the trenches, rescuing trapped kittens from storm drains, assisting stranded and often injured dogs from busy freeways, offering a variety of necessary health and welfare clinics, and a slew of other benefits the city simply cannot realistically do without.

These are also the very people who introduced us to Justice, and they stood with us all in solidarity as concerned citizens to recognize an immediate need to address abuse.

Unfortunately, the mayor and council members are facing votes for proposed budget cuts to DAS. Amongst those many cuts, remarkably, are rabies prevention for staff, vaccinations upon intake, and…get ready for it…food for the animals. The city is referring to those items unbelievably as “enhancements.” DAS disagrees, and so do we. Those items are critical needs.

One of the greatest recent success stories of our community is DAS. Because of the never-ending work of those employees and rescue partners, live release rates are at an all-time high. DAS has reunited so many citizens with beloved, lost pets; it’s helped many more families discover happiness with new friends — friends who would have otherwise been euthanized for lack of funding and space in a less committed shelter.

Look at your dog, your cat, your animal companion and consider this: Your best friend is safer (and so are you) because the workers of DAS put themselves on the line every day to control outbreak of diseases. One trip through the enormous myriad of lost and abandoned, homeless, and hopeful animals located within the confines of DAS should be all it takes to prove Dallas is in serious need of more funding, not less, in order to achieve its goals safely and humanely. We can’t ignore this.

What can you do?

The time is now to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves. Thanks greatly for your support.

Vote for Nathalie Justice!

Modern Dog Magazine is hosting its first ever cover dog contest, and guess what? Our very own Nathalie Justice has been nominated. Now all she needs is YOUR support. Very simple: Click here and select the vote button. That’s it. No signing up for anything, and you can vote every twelve hours until the competition concludes on July 2.  You can even leave a comment if you’d like to cheer our girl on.

Nathalie and her most excellent family <3

All of our dogs hold a very special place in our hearts, but Nathalie’s story and her ongoing participation in our Voices for Justice educational program make her a true role model for rescue dogs everywhere.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nathalie’s journey, you can browse her photo history from the beginning here. She was spotted by a Good Samaritan on the same day Justice died. Homeless and scouring for scraps, Nathalie was, amongst other calamities, emaciated, covered in mange, and destined for her final moments in a life devoid of basic necessities, let alone love and compassion.

Nathalie's first "home." Sad face.

Nathalie’s first “home.” Sad face.

Fortunately, through the power of social media and quick action from city workers and rescuers, Nathalie finally found what we wish for every dog — a home where she is revered and treated with dignity and respect. It was the happy ending that we as a community could not deliver for her namesakes Justice and Nathan, a bait dog who died in Fort Worth during the week Nathalie was discovered, so we honor them together in this way. Their senseless, horrific deaths will never be forgotten or lost in vain as their memories continue in the hope we all have found in Nathalie Justice.

Your vote for Nathalie will bring attention to not only this beautiful girl, but will also serve as a reminder to Modern Dog’s readers that there are dogs just like Nathalie, Nathan, and Justice who need our help around every corner and in every shelter. Let’s do this. For them.




What to Expect When You’re Adopting


My pal and DFW Rescue Me volunteer extraordinaire, Jill Sulak, wrote a great blog on her website Tails of a Relentless Rescuer. It’s full of valuable advice. I give it two paws up. While you’re there, check out her other great posts.

Jill and Skoda

Jill and Skoda

Jill writes in her article What to Expect When You’re Adopting:

With the overpopulation in shelters around the country and the high rates of euthanization, adopting a dog through a rescue group is a great choice. But how does it work and where do you start? Let’s break it down…

Do your research.  First things first, think about what kind of dog you want and how the dog will fit into your life. Are you the athletic type who needs a good jogging partner? Or maybe a laid back cuddle buddy is more your speed. Also think about your living situation and how a new dog will fit into your lifestyle. If you live in an apartment, check with the property for any breed or weight restrictions they may have. Keep in mind that the dog will need to be taken out for regular potty breaks and exercise – rain or shine!

Start browsing. The Internet now makes it easier than ever to find dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds! If you already have a favorite rescue group in mind, go to their website, check out their upcoming adoption events, and browse the dogs they have available. If not, Petfinder and Adopt a Pet are both excellent websites to try. Both collaborate with different rescues all over the country to create mega adoption databases. Not only can you narrow your search by location, but also by breed, sex, and age.

Reach out. Once you’ve found a dog or even rescue group you are interested in, fill out the application online or use the contact form to get in touch. Don’t be shy! The application is not an adoption contract and the questions are designed to learn more about you to ensure a great fit for the dog and your family. Remember the dogs are generally in foster homes and those foster parents can tell you a lot about the dog’s personality. Don’t get discouraged if the dog you like isn’t the right fit, the rescue will be more than happy to recommend a few more suited to your lifestyle. **Note: most rescues are operated solely by volunteers so you may not receive an immediate reply. I recommend allowing 48 hours for response.

The home visit. After you have filled out the application, most rescues will conduct a home visit. Don’t let this intimidate you or scare you off. The home visit is about interacting with the dog and introducing him to the environment along with any other animals already in it. I’ll let you in on a little secret: rescue volunteers honestly won’t notice the dust on your shelves or the wine stain on your carpet. They just want to make sure your home is safe/secure and you are prepared. Be sure to patch any gaps/holes in your fence and have toys along with collar and leash ready for the dog’s visit. To really shine for the home visit, have a doggie bed or kennel set up! In most cases, this is when you will sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee/donation. They will likely hold the contract and fee while the dog spends a few days in your home to ensure the perfect fit before the adoption is filed and finalized.

And there you have it! See? That’s not so bad. Now all you have to do is love your new companion!  Oh, and be sure to keep in touch with your rescue contact by sending updates and pictures. I can assure you, they will LOVE it.

Follow Jill’s blog here for future updates. It’s a dog party over there, I assure you. — Hallie Mae



Holiday gift ideas: Nothing to bark about


With the holiday shopping season nearing its final days, some of us might find ourselves in a panic over finding the perfect gift for loved ones. And what could possibly be more incredible than sitting around the tree on Christmas morning, hot cocoa in hand next to a warm fire, and watching a new puppy bounce around with a big, red bow tied around its neck, right? Wrong.

The temptation to adopt a puppy as a gift for others might seem like a great plan initially, yet one should consider the longevity and commitment heavily. Even parents who would like to give their children a new animal friend have much to contemplate.

When giving a puppy as a present, you’re truly gifting someone a longterm responsibility. Sure, puppies are cute, and we all love them. All the same, how will your recipient feel about having to house train a new dog? Walk a new dog daily? Where will the puppy stay when its owners are on vacation or have to unexpectedly leave town for an emergency? Is the new owner capable of caring for the puppy’s medical needs? And will this person be willing and wholeheartedly receptive to the task for a couple of decades? These are all just the very basic items any adopter would need to ponder seriously, so, naturally, anyone receiving a dog as a gift would be faced with identical concerns.

If the person to whom you’re gifting doesn’t already have a dog, it’s probably because s/he isn’t ready for the commitment at this time. By introducing a puppy as your holiday present, what you might inadvertently be doing is creating a negative situation for both the dog and its new owner. For instance, if things don’t work out, what will happen to the puppy? Your friend or family member, unable to fulfill the duty, might be forced to look for a new home or, worse, surrender it to a shelter where euthanasia might be a possibility. That’s a terrible position for all, certainly, as no one intends for a gift to be a burden or a source of pain and frustration.

So what’s the solution? Although it might ruin the element of surprise, the safest bet would be to ask permission before gifting a puppy this holiday season. You might ask your friend or family member to accompany you to an adoption event or to browse our many dogs available online. This enables the right match if the timing is indeed best for all. Once your friend or family member’s adoption application and home visit are successful, your tremendous gift to them could be purchasing extra items for their newly adopted pet — something any new owner would be thrilled to receive! Bedding, treats, bones, training, toys, etc., are all fantastic gifts whether given on Christmas morning or any day thereafter.

If your friend or family member is not interested in adopting at this time, but you would still like to do something to make a difference for puppies and dogs awaiting their forever homes, another wonderful idea would be to sponsor one of the dogs listed here in the name of your recipient. Win/win!

During the holiday rush, be safe. Be smart. Enjoy this time we have with one another and our animal friends wisely. Greetings to one and all!

Let’s Walk!


Hi, guys! It’s me, Hallie Mae. I know, I know…I haven’t updated in forever, BUT I can assure you great things have happened for me, which I’ll update very soon. First things first, though: My buddies in boarding for DFW Rescue Me would like to hang out with YOU. Even though our rescue is foster-based, sometimes they’ve gotta put my pals in boarding until a foster or adopter steps forward. This is where you come in. (It’s your lucky day.)IMG_1614

My friends in boarding need people who can take them out for nice walks. They also wish they had some extra folks who have time to play ball and frisbee and stuff like that. I think there are even some new, smart guys in there who would like to lie around on the grass while you read Shakespeare to them. Some of my friends without fosters would be happy just to get a few belly rubs and some time bonding with people. Oh, and they also need rides to and from events as well as for home visits and the like. See? There’s lots of ways to help!

377262_555146434525980_2145396175_nThe rescue takes this commitment pretty seriously, but I promise that we dogs know how to make it both fun and worth your time.

If you’ve got some free space Monday through Friday between 8 and 6, Saturday from 10 to noon, and/or Sunday from 4 until 6 in Carrollton, TX, we swear to pay you handsomely with lots of tail wagging and kisses. The rescue even provides everything you need to get started!

For more information, sign up here and shoot my buddy Kristan an email, so she can arrange to show you the ropes: kristan[at]dfwrescueme.org




RAGE Rescue of the Week – Solo


Meet Solo!

Although he had a rough start in life living outside on a chain which was embedded in his neck, he still has plenty of love to go around.

He is about 10-12 months old and is just a big puppy. He is just now learning his manners and has come such a long way as he is quite smart. He knows basic commands such as “sit” & “down”, and is currently learning to “stay”. He walks good on a leash & takes treats very gently. Solo is super friendly with people, good with kids (but can get a bit excited at times), good with other dogs, and harmless with cats; although he currently lives with a kitty & thinks it’s fun to make him run.

Solo is such a happy boy and thrives on attention and is very eager to please…his favorite spot is right next to you. When he is sleepy, he wants nothing more than to be as close to you on the couch so he can cuddle.

Solo is so ready for his forever home and to have a family of his own to love. He would be best suited with an active person or family that will continue to teach him new things and give him structure.

If you would like to meet Solo, please visit our website at www.dfwrescueme.org and fill out our online adoption application. For questions, please email us at adopt@dfwrescueme.org.

RAGE is the Richie and Greggo Extravaganza heard afternoons 2-7pm on 105.3 The Fan. Richie Whitt and Greg Williams will s-paw-tlight one dog a week to help find a new home.

RAGE Rescue of the Week – Mr. Simon


Meet Mr. Simon!

Mr. Simon is a year old shepherd mix and loves to run and play! He is all about having a good time. He is an awesome happy boy and does great with other dogs. He is crate trained and house trained, and he can sit and lay down on command. Mr. Simon will make a perfect family dog and he is gorgeous!

If you would like to meet Mr. Simon, please visit our website at www.dfwrescueme.org and fill out our online adoption application. For questions, please email us at adopt@dfwrescueme.org.

RAGE is the Richie and Greggo Extravaganza heard afternoons 2-7pm on 105.3 The Fan. Richie Whitt and Greg Williams will s-paw-tlight one dog a week to help find a new home.

RAGE Rescue of the Week – Ajax


Meet Ajax!

Ajax is a 5 mo old pit mix. He is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs and cats. He is just a sweet little boy looking for his forever family! Are you the lucky one?

If you would like to meet Ajax, please visit our website at www.dfwrescueme.org and fill out our online adoption application. For questions, please email us at adopt@dfwrescueme.org.

RAGE is the Richie and Greggo Extravaganza heard afternoons 2-7pm on 105.3 The Fan. Richie Whitt and Greg Williams will s-paw-tlight one dog a week to help find a new home.

The Differently Abled & Canine Massage and Acupressure Workshop


Co-hosted by DFW Rescue Me & Animal Allies of Texas

Differently Abled Workshop. Understanding Deaf, Blind and Deaf-Blind Dogs; how to communicate, adopt and what to expect
Whether you have a dog that is losing or has lost their vision/hearing, work for a shelter, volunteer with a rescue, are a potential adopter or are interested in seeing your No Kill initiative reach out to the differently abled, this is a great seminar for you to learn how to help them! Handouts with touch charts & hand signs for commands, handouts for shelters and rescues to use when adopting differently abled dogs and live demonstrations of differently abled dogs performing basic obedience and agility are all part of this seminar. This is a four hour workshop.

Skillful Paws Canine Massage and Acupressure Workshop
Come learn how to give your dog a relaxing massage. Great for anxiety, fear, increasing the bond with your dog and helping them cope at vets offices! During this workshop, you will see live demonstrations and learn by working with your own dog. You will learn how to give a relaxation massage and receive individual instruction from a professional practitioner. This is a two hour hands-on workshop. Bring a blanket and/or pillow, we will be sitting on the floor throughout this portion of the workshop.

Saturday, April 27, 2013
11:30am – 1:30pm Canine Massage and Accupressure Workshop
1:30pm – 2:00pm Break
2:00pm – 6:00pm Differently Abled Workshop

There is a limit of 20 attendees so early pre-registration is encouraged!
Each workshop is $40 each or $60 if you register for both.

learn more

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