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Let’s Walk!


Hi, guys! It’s me, Hallie Mae. I know, I know…I haven’t updated in forever, BUT I can assure you great things have happened for me, which I’ll update very soon. First things first, though: My buddies in boarding for DFW Rescue Me would like to hang out with YOU. Even though our rescue is foster-based, sometimes they’ve gotta put my pals in boarding until a foster or adopter steps forward. This is where you come in. (It’s your lucky day.)IMG_1614

My friends in boarding need people who can take them out for nice walks. They also wish they had some extra folks who have time to play ball and frisbee and stuff like that. I think there are even some new, smart guys in there who would like to lie around on the grass while you read Shakespeare to them. Some of my friends without fosters would be happy just to get a few belly rubs and some time bonding with people. Oh, and they also need rides to and from events as well as for home visits and the like. See? There’s lots of ways to help!

377262_555146434525980_2145396175_nThe rescue takes this commitment pretty seriously, but I promise that we dogs know how to make it both fun and worth your time.

If you’ve got some free space Monday through Friday between 8 and 6, Saturday from 10 to noon, and/or Sunday from 4 until 6 in Carrollton, TX, we swear to pay you handsomely with lots of tail wagging and kisses. The rescue even provides everything you need to get started!

For more information, sign up here and shoot my buddy Kristan an email, so she can arrange to show you the ropes: kristan[at]dfwrescueme.org





  1. If you can’t foster because you a) live in apartment, b) already have dogs of your own, or c) are away too much, then walking at Toothacres is the next best thing! You get to know the dogs very well–and they get to know you! You can assist in their training and preparation for a forever home and make a meaningful investment into the futures of dogs who would not otherwise have futures.

  2. Walking dogs at Toothacres has been a wonderful experience for me. I’m not able to have a dog of my own, so I’m getting my “fur fix” by interacting with the pups this way. Where else can I go in the late afternoon on a Sunday looking a wreck and be greeted like a rock star?

    At first my focus was just on getting as many dogs out to walk as I could in 2 hours. Gradually I started to get to know the dogs, then to love the dogs. We work with them to keep them active and get them socialized to be super adoptable. Does it hurt to see them go off and get adopted? Only the best hurt you can imagine. They take a bit of your heart when they run in to the arms of their new families and head out the door with a wiggling body and waggling tail. But before they take that piece of heart with them, then expand your heart with love ten times over.

    And as fabulous as the dogs are, the people you get to meet as even more awesome. We tag team to walk and wash dogs when we’re on site together, and swap stories about the dogs with those on opposite schedules. We call ourselves the Toothacres Army, because united we take on all challenges and climb any hills for our dogs.

    The best reward? Being the volunteer introducing a dog to perspective owners and having these people remark how well behaved, leash trained, sociable and happy the dog is. It sometimes takes a village, or a Toothacres Army, to make sure that each dog is to that point. I did an introduction just yesterday, and it looks like an adoption may be in the works once the owner’s schedule falls in place.

    If you’ve thought about trying something like this out, just do it. You’ll be happy you did.

  3. I would love to do this! Sign me up!

  4. I would like to help with foster dogs and hopefully adopt one soon. Linda

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